A Bike Ride Across America to Help a Lake, a Mill Race, a Watershed and a Community.

My name is John Winters.  This summer my wife, Jaine and I will ride across America on our bicycles to raise $1,000,000 for the improvement of our lake, our mill race and our watershed in and around Brodhead WI.  Our efforts will support ongoing projects in our community to make our small but beautiful area in southern Wisconsin a truly desirable destination for recreation of all kinds.   A million dollars is a lot of money - we know that.  But that's how much is needed (and probably more) in order to repair and beautify our impaired waterways.  We want to do it because it's the right thing to do.

There are over 7 billion people in the world and over 310 million people living in the United States today.  We can't help but think that there are 1,000,000 people in our world who would give 1 dollar to help give a small community with big ideas an opportunity to improve their area and make a small part of the world a little bit better.  If Jaine and I find those million people we will be able to accomplish our goal.  In 1896 Helen Holmes Charlton described our area along Sugar River so eloquently in this way:

"One may come once and carry through life a precious memory of this charming nook in Wisconsin, this little silver lake and emerald isles set down amid broad fertile farms like the diamond glowing on the breast of beauty…" Helen Holmes Charlton (1896)

The Decatur Lake & Mill Race Association, the Pearl Island Recreational Corridor project, other partners and Jaine and I want to restore this 'diamond glowing on the breast of beauty' and bring it back to its former glory.  Will you help us?  Will you be one of those million?

Updated: 8/14/2015

We are raising $1,000,000 to improve our watershed and help our community. Would you join us in our cause?

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PLEASE NOTE: Your tax deductible donation will be used exclusively to improve our watershed and help our community. Any costs incurred for the Bike Across America trip to promote the cause will be donated by John and Jaine Winters as they ride across the country. Any donation you may give is earnestly solicited and greatly appreciated.